Gopher tortoise burrow camera monitoring systems for research.

Complete system includes:
25 foot hydraulic hose
20 foot cable beyond hose
Rechargeable battery system
Watertight pelican case
7 inch color monitor
Hi resolution color camera
2 inch diameter camera head

Available options and accessories include:
A 1 inch diameter juvenile camera probe with 12 foot hose and 6 feet of cable beyond hose.  Simply plug the juvenile camera in as you would the adult camera and have the capability of probing the smallest tortoise burrows.

You may substitute virtual reality glasses for the 7 inch monitor or any smaller screen size monitor as you need.

Wireless model available on request.

Mini DVR available for recording videos in the field.  The mini DVR is about the size of a deck of cards and is fully portable and rechargeable.  Use for recording videos which can then be transferred to your computer or maintained on SD card. 

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